System T - S300Network Native Compact Broadcast Console

White Papers

This is a series of discussion documents covering the technology deployed within System T and the IP based broadcast production infrastructure it is based on.

Networking Now

This document re-states the arguments in favour of using IP based infrastructure for routing in broadcast production. It explores the current relationship between Audio and Video over IP technology and discusses the current and ongoing standards development in this technology sphere. This document also includes a Case Study describing the impressive combined Audio and Video IP based installation at Canal+ Factory in Paris.
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The case for AoIP routing for broadcast production

'Professional AoIP for Broadcast - The Way Forward ' explores the basic principles and arguments for the use of AoIP and particularly Dante as the main routing system for broadcast audio production. It outlines the many commercial and technical advantages of this approach.
It also includes a history of audio routing for broadcast and provides a glossary for IP Audio Network technology.
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The Tempest Processing Engine

Some industry voices have suggested that CPU technology cannot on its own deliver the stability and power required for large scale audio processing. The Tempest Engine which employs SSL’s patented Optimal Core ProcessingTM proves that untrue. This document explains SSL’s approach and why it works.
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Networking Now - German translation

In diesem Dokument werden die Argumente für die Verwendung von IP-basierter Infrastruktur für das Routing in der Broadcast-Produktion erneut vergeben. Es erforscht die aktuelle Beziehung zwischen Audio und Video über IP-Technologie und diskutiert die aktuelle und kontinuierliche Standards Entwicklung in diesem Technologie-Bereich. Dieses Dokument enthält auch eine Fallstudie, die die beeindruckende kombinierte Audio- und Video-IP-basierte Installation bei Canal + Factory in Paris beschreibt.
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