System T - S300Network Native Compact Broadcast Console

Modular Control Surfaces

S500 Modular Control Surfaces

S300 can be specified alongside the complete range of System T S500 control surfaces. The S500 takes a modular approach and allows a range of frame sizes to be configured with a selection of Fader, Master and Channel Control Tiles and Touchscreens to suit requirements. S500 consoles can have optional meter bridges and feature Intelligent Bay Switching and integrated KVM to ensure that the right interface is always in front of the operator at all times. You can read more about the S500 here.


Remote Tiles & Touchscreens - control wherever it is required

Remote Tiles & Touchscreens

System T is designed for truly versatile, distributed control via a console connectivity VLAN. S300 can be specified with remote user interfaces which can combine PC’s running T-SOLSA with touchscreens and remote S500 Fader Tiles. Creation of additional operator positions in Production Galleries or additional control rooms is straightforward.

Software Environment

Remote Software Control

The SOLSA (the SSL On/Offline Setup Application) is an invaluable tool that can be used offline to prepare for productions or online as a remote control application, directly connected or via suitable wi-fi. The application mirrors all of the console’s functionality without the audio processing: configurations can be built, input routing assigned and named, buses allocated, effects inserted, VCA and mute group subgroups setup and Eyeconix images allocated.

During a production SOLSA can be used running on PC’s with touchscreen interfaces to provide parallel parameter access and independent monitor controls to enable additional operators to manage supplementary tasks. For example, an assistant could prepare and deal with routing whilst the main mixer focuses on the mix, while a third engineer could remix premixes from the main mix to simultaneously generate a local language version or other mix variant.

SOLSA also acts as a useful training tool enabling users to get up to speed offline at their convenience.


Tempest Control Rack – the power of System T without a console in just 7RU

The Tempest Control Rack is a stand-alone System T control client and as such can be specified along with a Tempest Engine to create a fully functional system without a console. It can also be specified alongside consoles and other control interface options. It is a 3RU rack enclosure that contains a PC and an optional retractable 15.6" touchscreen.
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