System T - S300Network Native Compact Broadcast Console

S300 16

S300 Hardware Interface

S300 presents the extraordinary power and versatility of System T in a streamlined console layout that remains intuitive for operators with a wide range of skill levels.

Touch Screen World

At the heart of the S300 and System T is an exceptionally elegant software environment accessed and controlled using touchscreens. Channel View and Overview GUI’s present a comprehensive bigger picture view of your entire system and immediate screen tap access to a Channel Detail view. System configuration, routing and surface layout are all done using simple, intuitive screen actions. Organising even large scale showfiles is made simple and straightforward. An HMDI output and optional screen arm facilitate use of an external overview screen.

Hands On Hardware

System T’s excellent screen interface combines with robust, responsive hardware. The S300 Fader Tile has fifteen layers with four banks per layer, giving rapid access to 960 paths via dedicated Layer & Bank buttons. Each fader strip has a 100mm motorised fader and a PFL Solo key plus back stop fader PFL. There are additional keys for Mute, AFL, Select, and a ‘Q’ key that accesses SSL’s unique Super Q system. Each strip also features a set of Quick Controls (a push switch encoder and three assignable keys) that work in combination with vertically correspondent aspects of the screen interface above. Colour flag LEDS visually indicate selected functions.

Slimline Master Section

S300 features a powerful, condensed Master Section. In the lower right area of the console a single tile combines a Monitor Section, a Focus Fader and a set of User Keys. The Monitor Section consists of main and misc monitor encoders (with displays), accompanied by DIM, CUT, and External source selection keys. The Focus Fader is a channel strip with a fader and a full set of function keys that can be set to follow the currently selected channel or locked to a specific function.

In the upper right is a tile containing a five-inch touchscreen that provides an FX rack meterviewer. Inbuilt Loudness, True Peak and Phasescope metering removes the need for external metering. The master section includes 21 physical user keys, providing immediate control of features most relevant for each production.